We are literally the result of a dream.  So Natasha (the girl with the voice) went on a retreat called Emmaus Walk when she was very pregnant with twins and came back with a song she said she could never write and a fervor to start finding new ways to spread positive change and inspire with music.  On that same retreat - attribute it to the fresh air, lack of sleep, surplus of food, or my choice, a divine spirit - encouraged Natasha to work with Mike (the guy with the guitar).  

Even though there were many cancelled meetings and several almost meetings, Mike and Natasha finally got together December 27, 2014, and instantaneous music magic was born.  That evening birthed two original songs and more than a few covers which has led to a songbook that is more than 100 songs strong.

During the day, Natasha's non-superhero persona is a mom of three and a prekindergarten teacher.  Mike's daily disguise is that of a financial analyst/guru.  Both also find joy inspiring through the faith-based music covered by Full Circle, the contemporary praise band at Floris UMC in Herndon, VA.

Natasha and Mike share a vision of changing the world through music - in a positive way.  Their songs boast music from the CCM world as well as from the realms of bluegrass, country, pop, and standards.  While their originals have a country twang to them (Natasha is from rural VA), it is hard to put a label on their music which seeks to tell stories of hope, humility, hunor, happiness, and most importantly Love.

Sparrow meets the bull...